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 Piston Casting Machines

Piston Casting Machines

A piston casting machine forms a piston for an internal combustion engine or compressor comprises a generally cylindrical crown having a ring belt extending around the crown for the formation therein of one or more piston ring grooves.
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piston casting machine, piston casting machines   Piston Casting Machines
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A piston casting machine is used in internal combustion engines, in which the grooves for receiving the piston rings are formed in stainless steel inserts fusion bonded directly to the aluminum without a middle metallic layer other than the resulting alloy of the steel and aluminum. The process of producing such piston is described in which austenitic stainless steel powder deposited in an oversize groove in the aluminum piston is melted by a laser beam to simultaneously form the stainless steel insert and alloy it with the aluminum to provide a fusion bond, the piston ring groove being subsequently formed in the stainless steel insert.

With years of experience, FATA Aluminum has a strong background in foundry automation and process control. Serving the modern industry means exceeding customers expectations a constant attention is paid to each product from design to manufacturing, from commissioning to after sale service. FATA Aluminum is also the world leader in casting machinery and complete manufacturing cells for gasoline and diesel pistons.

FATA Aluminum has a wide range of machines and tooling for standard and technical products. The recognized capability in managing turn key projects, a proven know-how in foundry technologies, a huge international experience are some of the features indicating FATA Aluminum as the right partner for innovative and modern foundry around the world.

FATA Aluminum is a division of its parent company, FATA Automation. FATA Automation, headquartered in Sterling Heights, MI, specializes in designing and manufacturing material handling systems for various industries. For details on FATA Automation’s capabilities, please visit www.fatainc.com.

FATA Automation’s years of automation experience has formed FATA Skyparks, a new division focusing on engineering automated parking systems. For more information on the FATA Skyparks division, please visit www.fataskyparks.com. 

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